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Leading-Edge Samsung Monitors
and SSDsAce Computers offers a complete line of Samsung monitors, including curved screen, and HPC SSDs to deliver cost-effective performance.

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Samsung’s award-winning enterprise and client SSDs leverage tiered storage architecture to cost-effectively meet your storage needs, while increasing ROI and improving efficiency. Samsung enterprise SSDs are proven to deliver performance, reliability and security. Ace Computers offers the complete line of Samsung SSDs, including the 960 PRO 2TB.


960 PRO 2TB

NVMe M.2 Client SSD for Business
High-capacity, highly reliable NVME M.2 SSD designed for heavy workloads and engineering applications.


At a Glance

Experience unprecedented performance with Samsung’s high-capacity, highly reliable 960 PRO Series NVMe M.2 SSDs designed for heavy workloads and engineering applications. Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) outperforms SATA SSDs with exceptionally fast read/write speeds. Samsung's Magician advanced software solution provides professional management, monitoring, and maintenance with automatic updates.
  • Store up to 2TB of information, unprecedented for NVMe SSDs, plus a 5-year limited Samsung warranty up to 1200TBW.
  • Compact M.2 form factor ready for high-end computing.
  • Samsung Magician software delivers professional management, monitoring and maintenance including automatic firmware updates.


Break Storage Limits

Store up to 2TB of information, unprecedented for NVMe SSDs and perfect for heavy workloads and large files.


Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe)

960 PRO NVMe SSDs significantly outperform Samsung’s SATA SSDs with exceptionally fast sequential and random read/write speeds, perfect for business professionals who need cutting edge-performance for high-end computing. They also support PCI Express® (PCIe) Gen 3 x 4 lanes to provide a high bandwidth and low latency.


Dynamic Thermal Guard

This constantly monitors and works to maintain ideal temperatures to protect the integrity of your data and safeguard against overheating. When temperatures rise above an optimal threshold, the Dynamic Thermal Guard automatically throttles them down to protect data while maintaining responsiveness.


960 Pro Spec Sheet PDF

890 Monitor


With curved screens to enhance viewing and specialized features to help prevent eye-fatigue, Samsung monitors optimize just about any workspace. From low-cost to high-end, find the perfect business monitors and displays for your business. Ace Computers offers the complete line of Samsung Monitors, including the 890 Series 34" Curved Screen Monitor.


890 Series 34" Curved Screen Monitor

C34H890WJN - WQHD Monitor with USB-C for Business
Streamline connectivity with USB-C and experience a beautiful picture on an ultra-wide curved screen.


At a Glance

This Samsung 890 Series business monitor provides a premium viewing experience plus the ultimate in connectivity. Featuring a large, ultra-wide curved screen with WQHD resolution, you get a beautiful picture and can comfortably see more at once. Combined with USB-C, you can connect multiple peripherals with a single cable, without any docking stations, port hubs or extra dongles. And to top it off, the monitor delivers a stunning, sleek design for your office.
  • USB-C streamlines connectivity with one port to transmit digital display, data and power.
  • 1800R curved screen optimizes the viewing experience for improved comfort and productivity.
  • Ultra-wide 21:9 screen featuring split-screen and picture-in-picture technology plus wide viewing angles for more room to work.
  • WQHD resolution for a beautiful picture and a 3-sided ultra-slim bezel frame for a sleek, sophisticated design.


Connect with One USB-C Port

USB-C allows a single cable connection to transmit digital display, data (USB) and power. Directly connect any PC, tablet or mobile device with a USB-C port and you're ready to work. Your device will be charged and up to 3 peripherals can be plugged in directly to the monitor for added productivity.


Ultra-Curved Screen Optimizes the Viewing Experience

Samsung’s ultra-curved 1800R VA panel is designed for comfort and productivity. With an 1800mm radius, the distance from screen to eye maintains a more uniform distance, helping to reduce eye fatigue when working long hours.


Ultra-Wide, WQHD Resolution Display for a Beautiful Picture

The 21:9 ultra-wide aspect ratio gives more room to work, while WQHD resolution offers twice the pixels of Full HD for a sharp, detailed picture. The 3:000:1 contrast ratio and 99.5% RGB color accuracy deliver dark blacks and vibrant colors. And wide viewing angles help to ensure the picture is not degraded off angle.


Ultra-Slim Bezels for a Stunning Design

See more picture and less plastic with the 3-sided ultra-slim bezel frame that delivers sleek, slim and sophisticated style.


Split-Screen (PBP) and Picture-in-Picture (PIP)

Connect up to two separate sources to the display and view them simultaneously with split-screen (PBP) technology. Perform work in one window and see the results in a separate window. With the included Samsung software, you can make window management easy and maximize your efficiency.


Enhanced Video Experience

AMD Free Sync, a 4ms response time and 100hz refresh rate deliver a smooth, crisp video experience, helping to eliminate blurring, ghosting, and juddering and reducing lag.


Adjustable Stand and VESA Compatibility

This monitor has an adjustable stand that swivels, tilts and is height-adjustable to deliver comfort and ergonomics at work. And with VESA mount compatibility, installation on a wall or separate mounting arm is easy.


Easy on the Eyes

Eye Saver Mode and Flicker Free technology help to reduce eye strain for a more comfortable work experience, even during long work hours. When Eye Saver Mode is active, blue light levels are lowered. And flicker-free technology eliminates flickering at all levels of brightness.



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