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Ace Technology Partners and Dell PrintersAs a Preferred Dell Partner, Ace Technology Partners is proud to feature printers from one of the most innovative printer manufacturers in the world.



The Most Secure Printing

Organizations are looking for ways to maximize the security of their IT environments. An important part of IT security is protecting network printers. These essential devices are subject to both physical and network-based threats from internal and external sources. To guard against these threats, Dell printers and multifunction print devices are equipped with a variety of security features.


Print Job Security Features

  • Secure Printing. Dell Secure Printing helps to minimize risk by securely storing the print job in a password-protected location. Users can control the timing of their output by providing a four-digit password when sending the print job to the printer.
  • Stored Print. Users can store print jobs in the printer and securely release the print job with a four-digit password. This feature is helpful for storing frequently printed documents such as forms.
  • Jam Recovery. Administrators have the option of turning off the Jam Recovery feature on a printer to keep it from automatically reprinting jobs after a paper jam is cleared. This situation is a potential security risk because the reprinted copies may end up with an unauthorized person.
  • Physical Locking. Dell printers and MFPs offer slots for locking the device and trays. Optional printer trays are protected with built-in locks on many printer models.
  • Disk Erase The hard drive in a printer device automatically stores all print jobs. Disk Erase capability lets administrators clean the drive, which helps to eliminate the risk of an unauthorized person reading the hard drive and taking the data out of the printer.


Network Security Features

  • Securing the Dell Web Tool. Dell network printers and MFPs are designed so that authorized persons can control the devices remotely using an EWS called the Dell Web Tool. To protect against unauthorized access, administrators can secure the Dell Web Tool by setting a password.
  • IP filter (Access Control List). The Dell Web Tool can be accessed by typing a device’s IP address into an Internet browser. Administrators can use an IP filter called the Access Control List to prevent an unauthorized host from accessing the printing device.
  • Secure Access by HTTPS. Dell printers also support the HTTP over SSL (HTTPS) protocol to securely access the Dell Web Tool using an https://... entry. Using HTTPS can ensure that passwords and all administrator communications to the device are encrypted.
  • IPSec Protection. IP Security (IPSec) is a suite of protocols for securing IP communications by authenticating and encrypting each IP packet. This suite supports both IPv4 and IPv6 networking. IPSec can be enabled through the print server using the Dell Web Tool.
  • Secure Management through Network (SNMPv3 and HTTPS). IT administrators may use printer management tools such as Dell™ OpenManage™ Printer Manager to manage and monitor the printer fleet. Dell printers are equipped with the necessary security protocols, including HTTPS and SNMPv3, to permit management of the device over a secure network connection.
  • Disabling Unused Network Ports and Protocols. Keeping unused ports and protocols open invites unauthorized access and threats from hackers. Dell printers allow administrators to disable unused ports and protocols using the Dell Web Tool.


Access Control and Authentication

  • Operator Panel Lock. Printer or MFP device configuration settings can be accessed from the front panel of the device by pressing the Menu button. To minimize the risk of non-administrators gaining access to the configuration settings, administrators can lock the control panel using a four-digit password. The operator panel can also be locked remotely with the Dell Web Tool.
  • Color Control. Determining who should have access to color printing, and in what volume, is a key to managing print costs effectively. With Dell ColorTrack technology, administrators can assign levels of access that are appropriate for different individuals or groups.
  • Usage Auditing. Print History and Job Meter reports available in Dell printers and MFPs help IT administrators track all printing activity in their devices. This capability helps prevent unauthorized use by detecting overuse and anomalies.
  • MFP User Authentication. Multifunction devices in a highly classified environment can lead to security threats. The Dell MFP 2145cn color laser printer supports user authentication via Kerberos, SMB, or a local user access list, making it a good choice for highly classified environments.


About Dell Printer Security

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The Products Dell Offers

Dell laser and inkjet printers offer you quality production at a great value. In addition, Dell laser printers all come with Dell’s best-in-class standard protection plan, keeping organizations running efficiently and cost-effectively.

  • Multifunction Color Printers. Simplify and beautify everyday printing tasks with robust color multifunction printers packed with essential features that allow you to do more.
  • Multifunction Monochrome Printers. Easily print, scan and copy with essential features for effortless efficiency.
  • Single Function Printers. Dependable, powerful and reliable performance help make large print jobs easy to manage.
  • Ink & Toner. Specifically designed for Dell printers to deliver optimal quality with incredible clarity and detail.


Top Industry Reviews

Over 80% of Dell printers have earned industry accolades.
  • All of Dell’s 2, 3 and 5-Series color printers have won top industry reviews.
  • All of Dell’s 1 and 2-Series mono laser printers for small businesses have won top industry reviews.
  • Seven out of eight of Dell’s MFPs have won top industry reviews.


Easy to Set Up, Manage, and Use

All Dell printers are designed for ease of use, delivering simple set-up and a user-friendly experience straight out of the box.
  • Easy WiFi set-up, in four simple clicks
  • Open print management, so that all your devices can be managed from one location
  • Easy-to-install software
  • Scan documents straight to your network at the touch of a button
  • Dell Mobile Print utilizes a simple user interface that gives you access to files on your phone or tablet and identifies available printers.



The Dell printer portfolio includes printers to suit every need, prices to match just about any budget and a range of features designed to boost efficiency, build productivity, and reduce costs. Benefits include:

  • Free software. Select Dell printers include advanced software packages.
  • PaperPort®. Available on selected models, the application cuts costs by eliminating wasteful printing, faxing and mailing, saves time and maximizes productivity.
  • ColorTrack. Provided with all color printers, ColorTrack lowers your total cost of printing by defining rights, setting volume limitations and giving you control over who prints color.
  • Dell Mobile Print. Available on enabled models, the application allows printing directly from mobile devices, saving time and expense.
  • Open Manage™ Printer Manager. OMPM can be incorporated into the network management system, for the management of network devices from a single console.
  • Duplex Printing. Available on most Dell printers, duplex functionality controls and minimizes paper and print costs.
  • Fuser Unit Guarantee. In a guarantee unique to Dell, any failed fuser unit on a printer covered by warranty will be replaced free of charge.
  • Reliability Guarantee. On selected printers. Dell guarantees a full refund and your printer returned to full working order if you experience a technical fault during the 12 months following purchase.
  • Low Running Costs. Dell printers deliver a low TCO across the range. In addition, to ensure the best possible value across your printer fleet, Dell’s Print Audit services can analyze your existing costs and propose money-saving improvements.
  • Genuine Dell Toner. Dell EA toner lowers the fuser temperature, resulting in improved print quality, fewer failures, more yield, and better value.
  • Service Support. A Next Business Day onsite warranty is standard, with an exchange service for entry level products. For out of hours emergencies, Dell provides 24/7 web support.


Maximize your workspace with space-saving designs and create professional, high quality printouts at exceptionally fast speeds. From setup and printer management through toner replacement and maintenance Dell printers are designed to make work easier.


Why Dell Printers?

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