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If I/O Intensive Workloads are your Problem, Ace Technology Partners' HPC Clusters and BeeGFS are the Solution Seamlessly scale and manage file system performance and capacity to the level you need, from small clusters up to enterprise-class systems with 1000s of nodes

BeeGFS tackles the problem of the gap between compute speed of large HPC clusters and the limited speed of storage access for these clusters--stalling on disk access while reading input data or writing the intermediate or final simulation results.

BeeGFS enables storage clustering by transparently distributing data across an arbitrary number of storage servers to deliver the aggregate throughput of all the servers in the system. This results in high streaming throughput and high IOPS; and allowing parallel data access from all compute nodes at the same time.

BeeGFS has a number of instrumental features that make it ideal for demanding, high-performance, high-throughput workloads typically found in applications such as HPC, life sciences, deep learning, big data analytics and financial services.

“We are continually adding capacity to our Ace Computers servers and when we do, the BeeGFS solution scales seamlessly. Basically all you have to do is plug in more servers. It is 100% redundant. If there is a crash, everything just fails over. There is no downtime. We are switching everything over to this.”
— Ace Computers Computational Physics Client

“It was immediately obvious that Ace Computers was thinking in terms of solutions to provide a system that best fits the client. This is very different from a number of other companies we have encountered, where it rather seemed like they tried to make the client’s issue fit what they wanted to sell.”
— ThinkParQ BeeGFS CEO Sven Breuner



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