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What Can Forensic Workstations Do?

Pre-1990 investigators could just look under the mattress and in a few drawers to find enough evidence to charge a suspect. Perpetrators got wise and figured out that it’s much more efficient and secure to hide evidence on a computer...learn more


Ace Computers Announces HPC Clusters, Workstations with New Microsoft Operating Systems

Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Ace Computers just announced that it is integrating the latest Microsoft operating systems into its HPC clusters and workstations—most notably Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10 Pro Workstation Edition...learn more


Ace Computers now offers Supermicro Servers and Workstations

Ace Computers Rolls Out Complete Line of Supermicro High Performing Cluster, Server and Workstation Solutionslearn more


Ace Computers Announces Servers and HPC Clusters Integrated with AMD EPYC

Ace Computers just announced leading-edge HPC clusters and servers integrated with AMD EPYC. This technology solves the often crippling challenge of compute capacity that outpaces storage capabilities... learn more


Ace is now a Bright Computing Advanced Partner

We were recently awarded Advanced Partner status by Bright Computing. Criteria for achieving Advanced Partner status include... learn more


Ace Computers Announces HPC Clusters with Newest NVIDIA Tesla Accelerators

Ace Computers just announced HPC clusters integrated with the newest NVIDIA Tesla accelerators—key to the success of deep learning/AI applications in particular. These accelerators are built on the world’s fastest and most efficient high performance Pascal architecture and designed with the following... learn more


Ace Computers Announces Leading-Edge High Performance HPC Clusters with Intel Xeon Scalable Processors

Ace Computers just announced it is integrating Intel Xeon Scalable Processors into its supercomputers. This allows clients to compete more effectively with larger organizations by accelerating product innovation and rapidly processing larger, more complex datasets.

The Intel Xeon Scalable Processor may be the biggest platform advancement in recent years. The processor delivers excellent workload-optimized performance and... learn more


Ace Computers Delivers Best Parallel File System for Supercomputers

Ace Computers and BeeGFShave teamed to deliver a complete parallel file system solving storage access speed issues that slow down even the fastest supercomputers. BeeGFS eliminates the gap between compute speed and the limited speed of storage access for these clusters--stalling on disk access while reading input data or writing the intermediate or final simulation results.

Ace Computers CEO John Samborski said, “We are building clusters that are more and more powerful. So we recognized that storage access speed was becoming an issue. BeeGFS has proven to be an excellent, cost-effective solution for our clients and a valuable addition to our portfolio of partners.”... learn more


CCS-2 BPA Expands to Samsung Monitors and Surface Pro Tablets

Ace Computers’ CCS-2 BPA was just expanded to include Microsoft Surface Pro tablets along with security cases, docking stations, and keyboard covers; and Samsung 28-inch monitors. CCS-2 is a five-year contract, with an option for extensions, awarded to only six companies, including Dell and HP.

The Surface Pro 4 features Intel core processors; Windows 10 Enterprise, Standard Desktop Configuration (SDC 5.3), and other programs; connectivity includes USB, mini DisplayPort, and microSD to transfer files, add storage, etc.; a vivid 12.3 inch HD touchscreen; a type cover; Surface Pen for taking notes, etc.; and premium support... learn more


Ace Computers Workstations for Digital Forensics Top Projected Sales Mark

>Sales of Ace Computers forensic workstations have exceeded company projections for the first half of 2017. Company officials expect sales for the 2nd half to continue on that trajectory. Ace Computers’ long-term forensic workstation clients include the IRS, the Pentagon, the SEC, U.S. Dept. of the Interior, the New York State Troopers, and multiple highly confidential clients.

Ace Computers CEO John Samborski said, “I have been very pleased to see our reputation as a forensic workstation leader in the military and law enforcement communities growing rapidly. I attribute this to our expertise, willingness to stay on top of the latest technologies, and the fact that we offer just a little bit more than everyone else while staying cost competitive”... learn more



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