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Supply Chain Management - ACE´s environmental responsibility involves working closely with our suppliers and contractors to ensure that environmental protection, compliance, and continuous improvements are achieved. Two elements of ACE´s Environmental Policy focus on this relationship between ACE and its supply chain.

"ACE´s EMS meets all of the elements of the ISO 14001 Standard"

  1. ACE clearly communicates its environmental policy, practices, and impact to interested parties.
  2. ACE strives to ensure that suppliers agree to comply with environmental regulations.


A number of supply chain management tools are used to meet these commitments:

  • Pre-Business Supplier Survey - Purchasing personnel require each potential supplier to complete a Pre-Business Supplier Survey that includes a notification of ACE´s Environmental Policy and obtains information that pertains to ACE´s Environmental Management System (EMS). If the supplier identifies that the product they will provide contains hazardous materials, they are required to complete an Environmental Assessment and Declaration for Suppliers.
  • Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) Contractor Qualification Questionnaire - The Contractor Qualification Questionnaire is used anytime an employee intends to purchase services that involve bringing contractors onto an ACE site, specifically targeting those who will be engaged in activities beyond administrative tasks. Answers to specific questions trigger a review by EHS staff members, who verify compliance, training, and record keeping issues are then appropriately addressed.
  • Standard Note on all Purchase Orders - Purchasing personnel inform suppliers and contractors of their responsibility to adhere to ACE´s Environmental Policy by including the following Standard Note on all purchase orders:

ACE maintains an Environmental Policy that extends to its suppliers and contractors. As a condition of acceptance of this purchase order, ACE has the right to request additional information about your activities, products, or services that pertain to our Environmental Management System.


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