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Operations (EMS)

The ACE manufacturing and logistics operations are designed and conducted to protect the health of our employees while seeking to minimize environmental impact.

Ace strives to ensure that suppliers agree to comply with environmental regulations

Ace operates an "eco-friendly" manufacturing process:

  • Only small volumes of chemicals (e.g., alcohol, solder, flux, adhesives) are used in ACE´s manufacturing operations.
  • There are no operations or processes that are required to be authorized by a state or federal air permit.
  • The facility is classified as a Very Small Quantity Generator of hazardous waste since it generates significantly less than 220 pounds of hazardous waste (e.g., solvents, corrosives, paint-related material) per month. Small quantities of used oil, spent batteries, etc. are shipped offsite for recycling.
  • ACE does not conduct activities outdoors that would potentially contaminate storm water discharges. Therefore, it is not required to apply for, or maintain a storm water discharge permit.
  • There are no process wastewaters generated at the facility.
  • ACE does not manufacture, process, or otherwise use chemicals in amounts exceeding the activity thresholds that would require submittal of a Toxic Release Inventory.
  • ACE maintains an Emergency Action Plan and routinely conducts drills to ensure emergency preparedness.

Using EMS to Drive Environmental Performance

ACE formally established and implemented an Environmental Management System (EMS) at its manufacturing facility in Arlington Heights, Illinois in 2007. The EMS is used to ensure environmental protection and compliance, and continuously improve ACE´s environmental performance. Applicable elements of the EMS are implemented at other ACE facilities and field offices throughout the world. The ISO 14001 Standard is a voluntary international standard that prescribes specific elements for managing an organization´s unique environmental aspects and impacts. It has become a widely accepted benchmark of environmental commitment and performance. ACE´s EMS meets all of the elements of the ISO 14001 Standard. The EMS provides the framework for ACE to meet all applicable environmental regulations and achieve continual improvement. The EMS requires performance monitoring, regular audits, management reviews, and an ongoing process for identifying and addressing corrective and preventive actions.


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