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Security Protecting your Enterprise, especially your Intellectual Property

In today´s advanced, interconnected world, businesses experience dramatic growth of digital data including documents, emails, and applications. Protecting the infrastructure that allows organizations to function is crucial. Security threats are inherently difficult to manage because there are so many different types and they are constantly evolving. This increasing data security requirement means that the challenges of businesses today extend beyond conventional defense methods. Security has taken on a new significance, encompassing security for protection of critical infrastructure, sensitive data, and critical information systems data and digital assets. Enterprise IT can expand their storage centers, share and back–up digital assets, and manage secure data all at an affordable price. Ciphertex products are designed to provide affordable and easy to manage solutions. Ciphertex is one of the premier data security companies in the world and is trusted to provide data protection solutions for the most sensitive data of organizations worldwide. Ciphertex data security solutions ensure sensitive information is secure with key and policy management along with enterprise encryption.
Businesses need to achieve the visibility to optimize network performance across their physical, virtual and private cloud environments, as well as remote branch offices. Net Optics is the leader in Total Application and Network Visibility Architecture. Our best–in–class solutions deliver end–to–end monitoring and management in the virtual and physical arenas for total network visibility, insight and control. You gain unrivaled scalability, peak performance, solid reliability and streamlined management, saving costs and driving revenue in a healthy, secure infrastructure.

Standard Criteria:

  • Assess and optimize network performance, validate compliance, and harden security
  • Gain visibility into network applications and services to accelerate troubleshooting and enhance monitoring performance
  • Harden mission–critical networks against attack and train personnel to recognize and eradicate vulnerabilities
  • Improve performance, security, and application delivery of cloud, data center, and network services

Data Security:

  • Portable
  • Hardware–based AES 256–bit encryption
  • Large data storage capacity
  • Network ready
  • Multiple operating system



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