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Networking in the Enterprise Expand and Adapt

Infrastructure is quickly expanding beyond traditional Gigabit to incorporate both 10GbE and even 40GbE. Ace works with top manufacturers to provide top solutions that meet your needs in terms of both function and compliance. Talk to us about TAA product solutions, including "Made in Taiwan" and "Made in USA".
Interface Masters Technologies, an industry leader in high speed networking systems, announced an Open Computing Project (OCP) proposed switch, the Niagara 2948–12XL–OCP. This high port density, modular switch can be configured with up to 72 ports of 10GbE or 48 ports of 10GbE and up to 12 ports of 40GbE in a 1U form factor. The system is based on Broadcom´s StrataXGS® Trident II switch chip with 1.2Tbps of bandwidth, non-blocking technology, low latency and can handle up to 960Gbps of traffic. To enable standard and server class Linux based operating systems in the Open Switch Platform, the default Control & Application processor module is based on a quad-core x86 AMD Embedded G–Series SOC. This system is targeted to be used as a 10GbE Top of Rack (ToR) or Leaf Switch and is compliant with version 1.0 of the OCP Open Network Switch Specification. The Niagara 2948–12LX–OCP is built for optimal versatility enabling multiple fiber media configurations for QSFP+ and SFP+ connectivity.

Standard Criteria:

  • Port Counts (From 8 to 48 and more)
  • RJ45 / SFP+ / QSFP
  • Port Aggregation
  • Infiniband (Mellanox & TrueScale)
  • Wireless / Mesh

Ideal for:

  • Data Centers
  • High Performance Clusters
  • Workgroups



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