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EPEAT Systems A Registered Manufacturer

EPEAT is the definitive global registry for greener electronics, covering the most products from the broadest range of manufacturers. Only EPEAT combines comprehensive criteria for design, production, energy use and recycling with ongoing independent verification of manufacturer claims. EPEAT currently covers computers and displays. Imaging equipment and television standards are currently being implemented, while server standard development will continue in 2013. ce is an active contributor to the evolution of the current standards, as well as the development of the new standards.

EPEAT Conformity Assessment Protocols guide Qualified Verifiers during verification investigations of EPEAT-registered products for conformance to IEEE 1680 and 1680.1. They are also intended to assist subscribers to understand the expectations for how to assess and demonstrate conformance. Note that the protocols, while very detailed, are flexible as a general principle. Ace works with our key suppliers on a worldwide basis to meet and exceed the goals of EPEAT.

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EPEAT Take-Back / EOL / E-Waste Program

Ace is Different Expect a Perfect Fit!

You should expect a remarkable experience, and we call that a perfect fit. Count on us to be proactive when it comes to customization to get the right system at the right price. Count on us to reach out to our vendors and partners for the most innovative answers. And count on us to win your heart in order to win your business. That´s what it´s all about.

Take a minute to review our website for information about the latest technical innovations. It´s a quick way to understand why our customers choose Ace year after year. Working together with our customers, our products and solutions provide opportunities to lower costs and get more performance bang for the buck.

Networking for Everyone

Whether you are looking to simply add wireless capacity within your office, or implement a mesh network for surveillance cameras in a city, We will help you identify the right combination of hardware and software for your tailored solution.

Cloud Based Solutions

Everybody wants to join the "Cloud", but is it right for your business applications? We work with you to analyze your specific needs, and determine whether on-premise, off-premise, or a cloud based implementation is the way to go.

Virtualizing Your Enterprise

The consultants on our staff are experts at implementing virtualized environments. No matter your situation or platform (VSphere, RHEV, XenServer, Hyper-V), we work with you to select the best hardware and software combination.

Adapting to a BYOD World

The security challenges of our "Bring Your Own Device" world are enough to keep every IT Administrator awake at night. We help you determine which BYOD devices are best suited for your environment and how to support them moving forward.


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