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Energy Star Participant Meeting EPA Goals

An ENERGY STAR qualified computer delivers substantial savings over a conventional computer. Desktop, integrated desktop, and notebook (laptop) computers, workstations, small-scale servers, and thin clients are all eligible to earn the ENERGY STAR, and those that do are now more efficient than ever.

EPA has strengthened the requirements for computers earning the ENERGY STAR in Version 5.0. For Desktop/integrated desktop and notebook computers, products must meet stringent TEC (total energy consumption) requirements for estimated annual energy consumption. Small-scale servers and thin clients must meet energy use guidelines in ´off´ and ´idle´ modes of operation, and thin clients supporting sleep functions must meet requirements in this mode as well. All of this to ensure energy savings when computers are being used and performing a range of tasks, as well as when they are turned off or into a low power mode.

ENERGY STAR qualified computers must also have efficient internal or external power supplies. The majority of systems manufactured by Ace Technology Partners feature
80 PLUS Certified Power Supplies.

Key Product Criteria ENERGY STAR Qualified Computers
Version 5.0 Energy Efficiency Requirements (Effective July 1, 2009)

Product Type Requirements
Desktops, Integrated Computers    
  • Category A: <= 148.0 kWh
  • Category B: <= 175.0 kWh
  • Category C: <= 209.0 kWh
  • Category D: <= 234.0 kWh

Note: Computers with more advanced memory, graphics, or hard drive capability may qualify for additional energy allowances (capability adjustments) above these amounts.

Notebooks and Tablets    
  • Category A: <= 40.0
  • Category B: <= 53.0
  • Category C: <= 88.5

Note: Computers with more advanced memory, graphics, or hard drive capability may qualify for additional energy allowances (capability adjustments) above these amounts.


TEC Power (PTEC): <= 0.28 * [PMax + (# HDDs * 5)] W

Note: Where Pmax is the maximum power drawn by the system as tested per the test procedure in Section 4 of Appendix A, and #HDD is the number of installed hard drives in the system.

Small-Scale Servers    

Off Mode: <= 2.0 W

Idle State:

  • Category A: <= 50.0 W
  • Category B: <= 65.0 W
Thin Clients    

Off Mode: <= 2.0 W

Sleep Mode: <= 2.0 W (if applicable)

Idle State:

  • Category A: <= 12.0 W
  • Category B: <= 15.0 W

Networking for Everyone

Whether you are looking to simply add wireless capacity within your office, or implement a mesh network for surveillance cameras in a city, We will help you identify the right combination of hardware and software for your tailored solution.

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The security challenges of our "Bring Your Own Device" world are enough to keep every IT Administrator awake at night. We help you determine which BYOD devices are best suited for your environment and how to support them moving forward.


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