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Security Protecting your Enterprise, especially your Intellectual Property

Ciphertex products are designed to provide affordable and easy to manage solutions. Ciphertex is one of the premier data security companies in the world and is trusted to provide data protection solutions for the most sensitive data of organizations worldwide. Ciphertex data security solutions ensure sensitive information is secure with key and policy management along with enterprise encryption. Ciphertex portable DAS and NAS systems offer unparalleled performance, security and reliability – seamlessly integrating AES 256–bit encryption with the latest in RAID storage technologies. Designed–in flexible connectivity is guaranteed with each system able to support the leading storage interfaces and operating systems. Each multi–bay Ciphertex system also offers simplistic functionality and setup via its graphical user interface combined with a powerful data management software suite. We are trusted around the world to provide data security solutions for major enterprise. Ciphertex protects the medical records of one of the largest healthcare solution providers in the US, Media Entertainment (Film Industry), Oil and Gas, Forensic Investigation, and US Government agencies.

Enterprise NAS Key Benefits:

  • Cost & energy efficient
  • Secure and portable solution
  • Ideal for any business requiring large scale data storage
  • Simple integration, setup and maintenance
  • Supports business continuity/disaster recovery, system and client backup, user account control, and data management
  • Fast connection methods for transfer speeds of up to 1000 MB/s

Government Key Benefits:

  • FIPS 140–2 certified systems with AES 256–bit encryption ensures the data stored is inaccessible and untampered
  • Classified information remains secure during transportation and when not in use
  • Portable and ruggedized systems to ensure data integrity
  • Scalable from 500GB to 48TB of capacity
  • Fast speeds when acquiring and accessing data

Forensic Key Benefits:

  • Allows digital evidence to be protected when stored, accessed, or transported
  • Portable and ruggedized to ensure data integrity
  • Store multiple captured hard drive images on a single device
  • Scalable from 40TB up to 500TB of capacity
  • Lightning fast data transfers for quicker acquisitions

Other Industries:

  • Healthcare
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Oil & Gas Exploration



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